Curious Expedition 2 Review

This is my first-time diving into Curious Expedition and I have to say that this game is not what I was expecting. This turned out to be one of the most unique games I have played this far. Although there are times that the game does feel to drag on some parts, it is filled with handful of adventure, along with stunning and colorful graphical gameplay.  

Curious Expedition 2 takes place in the late 18th century where you play as a group of explorers with a handful of special skills to be able to stay alive during you adventure. You are able to choose the recruits that would best help out your group while surviving on an Island. The gameplay can sometimes be overwhelming if you are not paying 100% attention to the tutorial. I felt there was a lot to remember as the game progressed. But the more you play the easier it gets.  

Gameplay is definitely unique, as you explore the Island there are times where you encounter animals that are dangerous to you and your crew. The battle phases are a mixture of turn-based and tabletop. You roll dice for attack or healing sequence. Once you defeat you enemy that you are able to receive rewards like food or items that will be able to help you on your journey. You are even able to trade for supplies and weapons in certain towns and tribes, I found it really helps to be able to trade especially if you are running out of Sanity to explore the island.  

The longer I played Curious Expedition the more I saw how much of a grind it felt. Also, there were times that some of the explorations did not feel rewarding enough to make me motivated to continue the story. As a whole this game does bring a new kind of adventure and extraordinary world to life. You can tell that it took a lot of time to be able to create this type of game. I highly enjoyed the adventure and the different Expeditions I voyaged. Curious Expedition is definitely is special in its own way and I am excited to uncover more.  


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