Cuddle Puddle Meets Mosh Pit in Cute Co-op Brawler Party Animals, coming to PC and Console Later this Year!

Cuddle Puddle Meets Mosh Pit in

Cute Co-op Brawler Party Animals,

coming to PC and Console Later this Year!

The hilarious floppy physics action game that stole the hearts of players at the Steam Game Festival, Summer Edition. The cuteness overload has only just begun!

July 2nd, 2020 – Recreate Games’ hilariously floppy physics-based party game, Party Animals, is unleashing the “cute” on PC and consoles in late 2020. After an unprecedented player demand for the demo actually crashed the developers’ third-party servers during the Steam Game Festival, Summer Edition a couple of weeks ago.

Party Animals brings together a range of adorable animals from puppies and kittens to bunnies and duckies in the cutest cooperative brawler you’ve ever seen! Physics-based multiplayer hilarity ensues as these calamitous critters wrestle, punch, throw and tussle their way through a variety of task-oriented or competitive games in online or offline modes.

“We were overwhelmed with the reaction to the Party Animals demo at the Steam Game Festival a couple of weeks ago. It literally was a case of ‘cute overload’, as the demand exceeded the abilities of our third-party servers, and crashed the game!,” said Andy Jianyi, Product Manager for Recreate Games. “We never anticipated the game would be so popular that we’d have to work around the clock to fix our servers, but we are not complaining! We are thrilled that people enjoyed the game so much, and for a small studio like ours, this is a good problem to have.”

Party Animals’ unique physics engine, developed in-house by Recreate Games, features completely physics-driven character movements, leading to seemingly haphazard, floppy encounters that are both unpredictable and hilarious. Will your punch land in that sweet spot and send your foe flying off the stage, or will it knock your own character completely off balance? Get tangled up in a rumble with your friends and frenemies, and all you can do is hope for the best!

Featuring a variety of game modes in local and online multiplayer, including free-for-all skirmishes and objective-based gameplay, Party Animals journeys through an eclectic mix of environments where anything can happen – such as all-out lollipop warfare between a cute dinosaur and a fluffy shark!

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