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Crueler Than Dead is a manga that will take you imagination and shake it until your dizzy with excitement. The story gives you a grim look of a zombie infested Tokyo but with hope of a vaccine to cure a zombie back into a human. You read about the characters past memories in this manga that gives you a view of how they are coping in the present situation. I’m going to do a quick spoiler review below but I’m not going to go too much into it. You must get your hands on a copy of this review and read it to believe it. You will be shocked on how damn good this manga is!!!

The manga starts off with Maki waking up half naked in a room that she doesn’t recognizes. She hears noises from outside her room and while investigating discovers an unconscious young boy. While she is helping the young boy, some loud knocking on the door has her freaking out a bit before opening it up. The person that came in is a soldier who looks like he has been eaten a bit by something. He talks to Maki and lets her know the world is very different as there are ravenous zombies out and about. He lets her know she was part of an experiment and she is one of the few people that survived through a vaccine. He gives her the vaccine and instructions to head to the Tokyo Dome to help others over there. When the boy wakes up, she takes him on a journey to get to the Tokyo Dome. They experience hordes of zombies, perverted survivors, and much more.

I have to say this was a fantastic read! I was hooked on the story where this lady, who mere moments was told she used to be a zombie, is delivering a very important vaccine to others. The art in this manga is out of this world! The artist did an amazing job showcasing the detail of the zombies face and an Armageddon filled Tokyo. I will make sure to check out Vol 2 when this comes out! The manga will be out on September 21 at Barnes and Nobles and other places as well.

Rating: 10 out of 10

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