Crooks Like Us Coming to Steam in March 2021

Competitive action multiplayer game
Trailer for Crooks Like Us: Alpha Release
Follow along with the development of our indie game from the recent online alpha release through to beta and finally to Steam release, all over the next 12 weeks!
The alpha release above can be played online with your friends via a desktop browser, no installation is required!
Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK –14 December 2020– Independent development studio Out of Tune Games releases the alpha of Crooks Like Us on where you and your colleagues can play online together for free via your web browser. The final version of the game will be available on Steam in March 2021.
Crooks Like Us is a funny, chaotic online multiplayer game where you get to steal everything you see by taking simultaneous control of both the thieves and the room you are actually robbing.
In Crooks Like Us you will have to carry as many items as you can to your getaway van before time runs out. Balance a higher stack to get more points and use gadgets to mess with other players.
“We’re keen to get streamers playing the alpha of Crooks Like Us”, says Mal Duffin, co-founder at Out of Tune Games. “We’d love to incorporate their feedback into the beta due at the end of January, and ultimately into the final release”.
Crooks Like Us has just set up a new Discord channel where people can join to arrange times to play with other players, and also give feedback on the game.
  • Control both your thief & the room
  • Users can plan and place elements in the level before a match starts
  • Two distinctive ways to play simultaneously
  • Help or hinder other players
  • Absurd, comical and non-violent
Additional Information
About Out of Tune Games
Out Of Tune Games is a new indie studio based in Belfast that combines the indie creativity of Matt McCrum with the industry experience of Mal Duffin, two programmers brought together by their love of games and backgrounds as musicians.
Matt went from studying superluminous supernovae to independently releasing 8 games for mobile platforms under the moniker of Chunky Games with his most recent creation, Rugby World Championship 2, breaching the top 25 sports games on the App Store. He plays keys, guitar and some phat brass.
Mal has a wealth of experience working on games and VR projects for big guns like Sony, IBM and advertising agencies worldwide and has shipped products ranging from Facebook puzzle games to official tie-in racers for The Lego Movie. He saws a mean fiddle.
They aim to bring a little discord to your gaming world.