Cradlewise Smart Crib : Your baby’s sleep guardian

Founder’s Story : 


This is Radhika, co-founder CEO at Cradlewise. We are a sleep fitness company for babies and parents. 


We built this for our baby as we are paranoid about sleep for babies as it plays a pivotal role for the baby’s overall development – memory, immunity and growth. 


We make smart baby cribs that learn from the baby’s sleep patterns, spots the first signs of wake-up and responsively bounce the baby back to sleep – just like a Mom!


The genesis of the idea was a simple observation – The 2 mins when the baby is about the wake-up are critical. If we can detect baby wake-up early on, the situation can be salvaged. Early detection and intervention can help safeguard baby’s sleep. Hence, Cradlewise – a smart crib that has a baby monitor in-built. This monitor can spot first signs of wakeup of the baby – for example – movements, activity, sound, cry, opening of eyes, increase in breath rate before the baby wakes up. On these signs, the crib starts bouncing the baby along with soothing music. Once the baby goes back to sleep, we stop bouncing. This is the core : Cradlewise is predictive rather than being reactive. 


Cradlewise provides uninterrupted quality sleep to babies and peace of mind to parents. 

Product Video : 


Watch 1:30 min video on how the smart crib works


Cradlewise at a Glance : 


Cradlewise is your baby’s sleep companion from 0 to 24 months of age. 


Natural Bounce: 

Noiseless bouncing mechanism mimics the natural and soothing movement of a mom bouncing the baby in her arms.


24 month sleep companion:

All in one sleep solution from Newborn to Toddler – Bassinet + Rocker + Monitor + Crib 


Self-Learning Crib: 

Crib learns and adapts to your baby’s sleep patterns, the way your baby wakes up, your baby’s favorite tunes and creates personalized sleep recipes. 


Sleep Analytics :

Track your baby’s sleep, get insights and a summary of how well your baby slept.


Built-In Baby monitoring: 

Monitor your baby through a live video stream on your phone from anywhere, anytime.


Smartphone App:

Control the crib via the app and get real time notifications 


3 phases of wake-up of the baby 


Quiet phase

This is a time when the baby is very still, but awake and taking in the environment. Babies may look or stare at objects, and respond to sounds and motion. This is the phase when it’s easiest to soothe the baby back to sleep. This typically lasts about 3 min.


Active phase

This is when the baby moves actively, and is attentive to sounds and sights. 



The baby’s body moves frantically, and he or she may cry loudly. They are hyperactive and don’t respond well to sounds and motion. So, it’s a lot harder to calm babies once they reach this phase.


Crying is too late to calm your baby

It’s usually best to calm babies back to sleep before they reach the crying phase. 

During the crying phase, they can be so upset that they may refuse the breast or bottle. In newborns, crying is a late sign of hunger and distress.


Quiet Sight Technology : 


With Cradlewise we avoid the transition to active or cry states. 


Our Quiet Sight Technology – spots the early signs of wakeup and responds just in time. We spot the baby wakeup in the “quiet phase” and start bouncing with soothing music so that the wakeup does not escalate to the “cry phase”. 


It’s a lot harder to calm babies once they reach the Cry Phase. But if you can calm a baby when it’s still in the 1st phase – the Quiet Phase – it’s a lot easier to get the baby back to sleep. That’s the secret sauce to better sleep without too much effort.

We also enabled the crib to have ForeSight – the wisdom to track sleep patterns and forecast your baby’s sleep and wake-up times. 


Self-learning features of the Cradlewise crib 


The addition of sensing and AI tech to the crib has enabled many innovations : 


  • Learn unique wakeup patterns of the baby because every baby wakes up uniquely. 
  • Learning baby’s sleep pattern helps us determine if a wake-up is unscheduled. 
  • Start bouncing to soothe the baby to sleep when interrupted mid sleep.
  • Stop bouncing after the baby settles into deep sleep
  • Learn the baby’s favorite songs and play those tracks when the baby is fussy 
  • Sleep training : Help the baby self-soothe by learning from the baby’s response to sleep training methods. 

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