Could Fortnite Be Our Generation’s DDR?

I remember as a kid growing up in the barrio in the Rio Grande Valley; travel to the local mall was at times hard to achieve. Poor is often defined, but for myself, being young in the 90’s was an understatement. I enjoy gaming on my systems but the arcade was someplace where hanging with friends is always welcomed. My friends and I would ask family and friends to take us to one of favorite places on a Saturday night. Tilt was the arcade’s place name in Harlingen and when we descended there, packed was as it seems. There was a game where crowds would surround and often be the loudest cheers in the area. Dance Dance Revolution or DDR was a game everyone enjoyed playing. You would be on this dance board with arrows going up, down, left and right. When the song starts, you would try to hit that arrow of the direction by the time the music hits it. This game defined skill and coordination as everyone tried their hardest in order to make the perfect score.

Fortnite hit the gaming screens hard in 2017 and evolved into a culture phenomena in 2018! Players of all ages descended onto their PC’s or XBox Ones to download the game and play. The battle royale type game has engulfed all the ages to play. My own child plays this game hard and enjoy’s the fun factor that is built in.

As you are reading the title and then this story, you must be wondering, wouldn’t this be a better comparison with Just Dance video game? Yes but I feel this is different.

Different as DDR defined a generation through dance that helped with fitness and communicating with people outside of their homes in real life. Fortnite is doing the same as everyone is dancing now with their numerous dances and people are talking with each other about this game in real life.

DDR is a staple in my generation and still talked about to this day. Will Fortnite has this kind of staying power? Will they continue to evolve as our generations new way to enjoy gaming with the world? Will our children retell my version of excitement I had with DDR through there time playing Fortnite in their generation? Time will tell!