Couch co-op action Tools Up! gets a new trailer, playable at Gamescom 2019

Time to wreck it… We mean, renovate it!

Krakow, Poland – August 19th, 2019. All in! Games and The Knights of Unity are delighted to present a new trailer for Tools Up!, a couch co-op game debuting soon on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Check out the trailer:

The players’ task is to renovate apartments in a mysterious skyscraper. Remember to follow their instructions and plans! Tear down wallpapers, destroy walls, break down doors and lay colorful, dappled carpets and panels – but don’t forget about the time limit! Tools Up! Is playable with up to 4 players is couch co-op.

“The idea for Tools Up! was born during one of our office parties – says Maciej Jaroszewic, Project Manager at The Knights of Unity. – “We really needed a well-done game for four players that will be challenging, but so easy to pick up so that everyone will be able to pick it up. Even if that person never held a gamepad before”.

Tools Up! most important features:

  • Start with four characters – unlock and love many more!

  • Organize your work! Are you more of a painter than a furniture pusher? Great! Suit yourself and do what you do best.

  • Remember: only the player who has blueprints can change the camera view. Use it for good… OR FOR EVIL.

  • Throw something (literally) to a friend in another room. Just don’t make a mess!

  • Unlock each completed campaign mission in Party Mode – master the levels with your friends!

  • Expecting fire and ice? No? Well, you should! The levels and environments of Tools Up! are rich and varied. Expect different weather too.

Gamescom visitors can play the game at All in! Games’ booth (HALL 10.1, booth E052).

Appointments for press are also available. Get in touch with us to set up a hands-on session and an interview.

Learn more about Tools Up! on Steam:

About The Knights of Unity

The Knights of Unity is a game development studio founded in 2015 in Wrocław, Poland. The team has outsourced more than 80 titles for companies like Team17, Interplay, and Daedalic. In 2018 The Knights of Unity launched their first internally developed game, Scythe: Digital Edition, an adaptation of the award-winning board game.

About All in! Games

All in! Games is a new video game publishing and production company based in Krakow, Poland. Founded in 2018, the team has raised 10M EUR for production and marketing and already signed 16 games including titles like Paradise Lost (PolyAmorous), Fort Triumph (CookieByte) and Daymare: 1998 (Invader Studios, Destructive Creations), Space Cows (Happy Corruption),  Metamorphosis (Ovid Works), and Space Company Simulator (INTERMARUM).