Cotton Reboot Nintendo Switch Review

I’m an avid gamer that enjoys to try out new games and explore games that I may have missed out during my childhood. This one game is something I did miss out trying but glad to try it out now! Cotton Reboot is about our character Cotton that is out to get as much Willow candy as she can get her hands on! Sounds very tasty I may add! You blast your way against ghouls and upgrade your arsenal throughout the game.

I grabbed my controller for my Nintendo Switch and sat down on my couch to play the game. The review today is quite short though but I have to say this…GET THIS GAME! Don’t miss out on the fun factor and visuals showcased in this game! I may have missed out on this game during my childhood but discovered it now!


  • Visuals
    • The art displayed in this game with a character focus on their expressions is just fantastic! I never played the original Cotton game and I have missed out really hard! This game held my attention with the art and how retro it is now but revolutionary back then.
  • Arrange Mode
    • The Arrange Mode is one of my favs of the game! The updated visuals and cool music ran well on my system and my 4K Television. It was quite exciting to see how cool this game is with today’s technology.
  • Time Attack
    • Oh I was addicted to the Time Attack! I competed hard in those 2 min or 5 min modes to get the high score! It was a challenge but addicting!


  • Short
    • The game is fantastic though I beat it pretty fast. I was hoping for more time to be spent on the game with additional levels or Easter eggs.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Cotton Reboot Nintendo Switch: