Corsiar Dark Core Pro SE Review

Recently I had decided that it was time for an upgrade on my gaming mouse. After days of searching I finally came across the perfect mouse to fit all my gaming needs. Meet Corsair’s Dark Core Pro SE (special edition)! 

I have been using this mouse for a little over a month now and I am more than surprised on what this mouse has to offer. It screams gaming mouse like no other. The features that are included: 

  • Optical Sensor 
  • 8 Remappable Buttons 
  • 9 Different RGB Lights (able to change in iCue) 
  • Polling of 2000 hz 
  • Bluetooth 4.0, USB Type-C Cable, Slipstream Technology  
  • Built in Rechargeable Battery 
  • Up to 50 hrs without a charge. 
  • Qi Wirless Charging (MM1000 Charging Pad Not Included) 

One of the features that I started using consistently is profile saving. What this means is that you can change your DPI and Sensitivity on the mouse and save it to a specific profile that you choose. Say you are gaming; you can switch to the profile that best helps for gaming. If are doing research for work or school, you can switch to that mouse profile that better fits your sensitivity needs.  

Also, because it is a Corsiar product you are also able sync the RGB with the other Corsiar products you own in iCue. If you choose not to sync the Dark Core Pro you can individually change all 9 RGB lights to whichever colors you want. The customization just keeps going the more you dive into this product.  

One feature that does not get enough light is the Qi Wireless Charging. This allows you to be able to charge you mouse without hooking up the USB Type-C. In my personal experience It only took about 1 hr  to charge to 100%.  

Everything about the Dark Core Pro SE is amazing. I have been enjoying it since I have upgraded. I do not have any negative feedback for this device at all. If you are looking to upgrade, I suggest you look into the Dark Core Pro SE!