CORRECTION: Destiny’s Sword Invites Everyone to Make A Character

Usually, Tuesdays are a bummer, but today’s exciting news from Destiny’s Sword should be a ray of sunshine… or laser fire. This is a pretty unique development for 2Dogs upcoming living RPG, and it’s something we expect will be pretty novel in the space.

Starting today, developers are inviting Steam’s Destiny’s Sword players to create a unique DS-Trooper.

All players need to do is go to THIS PAGE, link their account through Steam, and then start answering the questions to make their character. 

Once 10,000 DS-Troopers are created by fans, 2Dogs will use them as the first wave of testers in an in-depth gameplay simulation. These characters will get to experience all of Destiny’s Sword‘s unique Strategic RPG gameplay.

In a cool twist, wishlisters will also receive monthly DS-Trooper progress reports showing how their Trooper has fared during sims. Fans will receive individualized information about each Trooper including battlefield performance, medical logs, and engineering reports.

This means that the characters people create for the game, will actually evolve and change as the game is developed and after launch and beyond.

While PAX Online is live (September 11-20), everyone who wishlists Destiny’s Sword will also be entered into a drawing to receive a signed copy of Lucidium Run, the game’s prequel novel being penned by New York Times bestselling author M.D. Cooper.

You can check out all of the details on the Destiny’s Sword Steam page. If there is anything we can do to help out in your coverage of this exciting news, please don’t hesitate to ask!

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