Corpus Christi Comic Con Review


Corpus Christi Comic Con 2018

It’s almost time for comic con season to start heading to a close as Corpus Christi makes off to be one of the mid way through the year conventions.

Darthyday and SirNickJustice headed to the RMB Fairgrounds in Robstown Texas. Luckily the recent heavy rain didn’t hold us down as it was clear skies and roads all the way there. This was the second year Corpus Christi Comic Con ran the show and I got some feedback from Darthyday who covered last years event.


The venue itself is a huge piece of land with a strip consisting of some landmarks, shelters, 2 buildings, and a clocktower. The convention was split into two parts.

Building A had the ticket sales when you first walked in followed into a room with about 4 isles of vendors/cosplay guests. There was also a few big bounce houses present in there with the least amount of crowd and lots of room for kids to play.

When leaving the building to go to Building B you walked in a path that at one point had a circle of food trucks with a small room next to it in a out of place building. You could also wait about 5 minutes as they had a pickup kart in rotation helping out with traveling between the two sides. Better hold onto your wigs/hats/capes because the wind was blowing hard that day (totally made my superman cape look cool though!)

Building B was like walking into a convention similar to Greater Austin’s where it it had a minor outside ring of vendors present. You walked around the seating section gates to enter the floor of the convention. It had an L shaped design to it where you had the main stage for panels with a few artists in the one room. Walking into the second room you were presented by lots of vendors.

This con stuck out a bit as it was fairly humid and hot in the convention making it a bit uncomfortable if you were in a costume or wearing makeup for it. Luckily based on last years commentary it had almost no A/C last year making it a cooler improvement but not 100% just yet.



This year they had a few guests that I haven’t seen at conventions, (other than Lou Ferrigno and Jon Heder), such as The flash/Lex Luthor himself, Michael Rosenbaum. They also had many favorites like Helen Slater (OG Supergirl), Candi Milo (Dexters lab), and Jen Taylor (Cortana/Peach).

The lines for the guests were an easy walk up, allowing us to knock out and see the con within an hour. It was really great that the pricing for everyone was around $40 plus selfie options. Each signature came with Corpus Christi Comic Cons own certificate of Authenticity (which I found to be really cool).

Cosplay wise there wasn’t too many people in costume that day. We had a great experience with many children present and taking a few photos with us. But overall mostly saw about 10 cosplayers in total with mostly DC attire (since 2 of the guests are DC Comic related).


Overall I felt that the convention itself deserves to expand even greater, I would love to see twice as many quality guests as they brought this year with similar pricing to stay. Continue to get the event to be cooler in temperature so its more comfortable for cosplay enthusiasts. And to stick with their free Certificate of Authenticity with each autograph.