Corpus Christi Comic Con Day 2 by the bay!


For the weekend of June 29th – June 30th pop culture, video games, tabletop, and cosplayers were under one roof and it was an amazing time. On day 2 of C4, there was tournaments, great art wisdom, as well as cosplay advice. I started my day roaming around the entire hall first just browsing around greeting people and saying hello again to all the familiar faces I had spoken to the day before. My first stop was at Hebi studios where I got to try out “The Lost Ones” and “Rageball” both were great titles where in The Lost Ones I got to put on a VR headset and wander around a psychiatric ward/hospital terrified of what might pop up around the corner while following clues in this adventure. Angelus creator said his inspiration for the title was from Dante’s Inferno and followed that up with saying that “I wanted my team to literally have a heart attack.” Rageball on the nostalgic fun other side takes on the traditional pong and enhances it with moving obstacles during a match as well as blocking not one but multiple balls from passing through your side. 


interviewing westbrook over his upcoming live action show


During the middle of the day, I went to a few panels, the first was a Q&A about cosplaying such as the do’s and don’ts and tips for those wanting to become cosplayers or those already trying. The following panel after was a Q&A with Juan Ramos were he covered topics such as the inspiration for the new blue ghost mascot of Corpus Christi con and how he got his first big shot with Lucas arts. During his panel, he gave out prizes with local trivia questions about Selena, the Lexington, and questions of his interest around transformers. The 3rd year of Corpus Christi comic con was very exciting this year and a lot of fun I’ll definitely be back and hope to see many returning faces until then keep it here at Drop the Spotlight for everything pop culture, and cosplay. 

-De Leon