Corazon Tequila Reposado Product Review

For those summer bliss’s, we like to encourage our family and friends to some good old get-together’s to relax and enjoy each other’s companies. As for the Drop The Spotlight team, we like to sit down, plan our next move and drink as we decide on how to shape the world once more. We were delighted to get this bottle of Corazon Tequila Reposado for a review that will leave you shaking. This was drank by people over 21 years old of age and we discourage drinking and driving, please be responsible. 

The team and I were able to have a sit down and have a few drinks of this tequila. We were surprise on how smooth it went down, so we had to take additional shots.  The team engulfed themselves on the tequila as we poured additional shots that we agree was amazing. We then mixed up the tequila with orange juice for some mixed drinks and one of our other team members, Frank, preferred to have it with cranberry juice. We were delight on how well the tequila was on being mixed with the juices even though we all poured more than the require amount for the mixture.

In all, we agree this is a good tequila to have with family and friends. We encourage you to find this tequila at your local retailer and try it out. Give it a taste and enjoy on how smooth the drink can be.

Check out more of Corazon Tequila HERE and find a place to get your own bottle as well!