Cool Music Video by Apocraphe for his track Mighty Like Guybrush

A Leicester native and now French resident, Apocraphe was a primal
force in Midlands hiphop in the early 2000’s. Despite decades in the
artform, or perhaps because of it, his form of lyricism remains fresh and
relevant, and his new album ‘The Escapist Handbook’ touches on every
element of hip hop from boombap to drill, covering the spectrum of
the artform and making it accessible to all generations and every type of listener.

He now releases his new single, ‘Mighty Like Guybrush’, out now on all
streaming platforms. The super modern trap sound of the track
intermingled with the glitchy electronic noises creates a soundscape
that melts old and new technology, making listeners think back to classic computer gaming.

The theme of the single is inspired by point and click adventure
computer games. One of the first breakthrough point and click
adventure games was ‘The Secret Of Monkey Island’, the story of
wannabe mighty pirate Guybrush Threepwood. Lucasarts were the
main games house producing these games, noted for their very funny
writing and head scratching puzzles. Famous titles of this genre of
computer games get playful references through the lyrics of the song.
The juxtaposition between the cult reference material and the hyper
modern trap sound creates a fascinating sonic landscape, and
something that will make people vibe along whether they understand the original material or not.