Connected Insoles and Artificial Intelligence for Wellness & Sport Performance

What if your shoe became a real sports
coach, a wellness indicator or a game

Digitsole the world leader in connected soles, is taking another
step forward by transforming the shoe into a Smartshoe for
athletes and people who care about their well-being.

The startup’s ambition is to integrate numerous connected
applications adapted to one sole and to be able to switch from
one App to the other according to user’s desires.
France, January 2021
Insoles that enhance your daily
sports routine.

Imagine your shoe becoming a real
sports coach, which can provide you
with valuable information about your
health and help you improve your
sports performance?

Digitsole has created a connected insole that offers a global vision of mobility and stride efficiency, whether
for daily walking or running sessions.
The insoles are capable of measuring
and delivering up to ten biomechanical parameters for both runners
and walkers. In addition, the activity
tracker offers all the necessary functionalities for an optimal experience
(Distance, Time, calories burned,

Two applications developed for
sports enthusiasts, launched as preview with Decathlon in December:
Walk Active and Run, have won over
amateurs as well as the most engaged athletes who want to follow
their training with precision. The application offers an overview of the
user’s stride analysis with recommendations to progress on a daily

Digitsole has succeeded in combining the characteristics of a sports
coach thanks to a technology developed with the expertise of health

An innovation at the service
of health
Fun at your feet

Digitsole is preparing to launch new innovative features in 2021.
Insoles to be converted into as many applications as your imagination allows.
Now imagine that your shoe can measure your state of
fatigue, detect a musculoskeletal injury or neurological

Digitsole puts its technology at the service of health,
between technical and medical revolution. Its sole will
become a real tool capable of anticipating the detection
of injury and fatigue risks in real time.
The insoles can analyze your supports in motion and
over time to provide accurate and reliable data to better
analyze your mobility.

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Imagine no longer having to keep your eyes glued to a smartphone screen to
play, and being able to optimize your play time in a playful and moving way.
Just like Walk Active & Run designed for athletes, gaming enthusiasts can
imagine playing with their feet via dedicated applications. No need to keep
their eyes glued to a smartphone, users will instead be able to optimize their
playing time in a playful and moving way.


Digitsole is a French startup that is the world leader in connected
insoles for health and well-being. Already rewarded at CES 2017 as
startup of the year, Digitsole has since consolidated its position:
more than 300 practitioners use its technology for the benefit of
thousands of patients.

In collaboration with numerous medical professionals, Digitsole
develops applications to help practitioners diagnose and monitor
pathologies related to mobility.
Digitsole is also democratizing its latest advances in biomechanics
and Artificial Intelligence to help improve the quality of walking and
running for the general public.