Connect with the DTS Gaming Crew

Connect with the DTS Gaming Crew

In an effort to stay more connected to you, our podcast listeners, review readers, and social media followers, the Drop the Spotlight (DTS) Gaming Crew rolling out some new initiatives beginning today. Starting with new series of social media posts that give you our personal thoughts and reactions about the games we play in our free time. These thoughts will be viewable on our Twitter and Instagram accounts and will be respectively tagged #dtsgamereacts and #dtstabletopreacts so you can easily find our reactions to gameplay moments as they happen. The first “game/tabletop reacts” went live earlier today, so click on the #’s to see them for yourself.

Our podcast has also gone under a transformation. The next few episodes will cover an in-depth view on some popular video games, and afterwards our focus will turn to the tabletop communities. This means that our podcast will be used as a tool to connect with people from all over the world and used to share your perspectives on anything from developing tabletop games to tips on developing and running your own gaming community. So if this sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, reach out to us by leaving a reply below or shooting us a message on any of our social media channels.

Alongside these podcasts we will also be streaming more frequently on our Twitch channel and posting recorded tabletop gaming sessions on our YouTube channel at Drop the Spotlight using Tabletop Simulator ($19.99 but no limit on games) and Tabletopia (free but limited to 800+ games) among ourselves or with anyone who would like to reach out and join us. We hope that by showing you how easy it is to use these tools you can stay better connected to those who are most important in your life and have fun while connecting! 

So if you’re a tabletop enthusiast, tabletop game designer, or a gaming leader in your community we’d love to hear from you so we can share your experiences in our gaming podcast and maybe play some online tabletop games while we’re at it. Contact us via the information below and we look forward to sharing your tabletop gaming experience and share it with the world.

About Me:  I’m a video/tabletop game and tech reviewer, content creator, and game member of the Drop the Spotlight Gaming Crew. If you have questions about any of my content, reach out to me at [email protected] You can also view our gaming content on our Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram pages at DTS_GamingCrew, our videos can be viewed on the Drop the Spotlight YouTube channel and check out our gaming podcast where we cover news, press releases, and our own personal experiences in the gaming world.