ComiXology Schedule of Events at [email protected] and Amazon Virtual-Con 2020

Friday, July 24—Amazon Virtual-Con

5:00 PM PT/8:00 PM ET — Comic Book Movie Trivia Night hosted by Eisner Award winner Chip Zdarsky on the comiXology Twitch channel.


Saturday, July 25—[email protected]

3:00 PM PT/6:00pm ETComiXology Originals: Creator-Owned Comics and Beyond

Are you currently reading digital comics? Are you familiar with comiXology’s exclusive digital content program – comiXology Originals? Join comiXology’s Head of Content, Chip Mosher and a cast of beloved comic creators and rising-stars including, this year’s Eisner Award Nominees for Best Digital Comic writer Chip Zdarsky and artist Jason Loo (AFTERLIFT), artist Claudia Aguirre (Lost onPlanet Earth), writer Curt Pires (YOUTH), writer Johnnie Christmas (Crema), writer Jeremy Holt (Virtually Yours) to get the scoop on the latest comiXology Originals series direct from the creators making them! They’ll intrigue you with behind-the-scenes stories about the process of bringing comics from concept to the page and what it’s like pushing the envelope with digital comics, and beyond.


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ComiXologist Kiwi will host live drawing sessions on comiXology’s Twitch channel with GLAAD Media Award winning illustrator Tula Lotay and three-time New York Times best-selling British artist Jock.


Kiwi will also host an interview series with creators from comiXology’s Originals line of exclusive digital content, including Curt Pires & Dee Cunniffe (YOUTH), Jeremy Holt & Elizabeth Beals (Virtually Yours), and Johnnie Christmas (Crema).


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July 2020 Titles


Part of the comiXology Originals line of exclusive digital content only available on comiXology and Kindle. These are available at no additional cost for members of comiXology Unlimited, Kindle Unlimited and Prime Reading.


Elephantmen 2261 Season 3 (issue #1 on sale July 7)

Written by Richard Starkings

Art by Axel Medellin


British documentarian, Theo Laroux comes to Los Angeles to interview the Elephantmen! His first subject is LAPD Lieutenant Trench, who takes him on a ridealong on the darker side of Los Angeles, 2261.


Lost on Planet Earth (issue #4 on sale July 14)

Written by Magdalene Visaggio

Art by Claudia Aguirre


Once Basil’s dream assignment has be-come her living nightmare. Forced to enlist in the fleet as a low ranking crewman on the ship she dreamed of serving on, the Sojourner, has placed Basil firmly under Captain Maine’s thumb. Her old friend Charlotte is aboard in the hopes of rekindling her friendship with Basil, but the crew has other plans. Can Basil survive this life she was so close to escaping?


Virtually Yours (graphic novel on sale July 14)

Written by Jeremy Holt

Art by Elizabeth Beals


A rom-com for the digital age. Shouldn’t finding a life partner be more challenging than ordering a pizza? Welcome to Virtually Yours, a virtual dating app that provides all the proof of being in a relationship without actually being in one. With her career front of mind, Eva Estrella joins Virtually Yours, after a nudge from her sister, to alleviate some family pressure as she continues to look for her dream job in journalism. While Max Kittridge, a former child star in the middle of a divorce, takes a gig at Virtually Yours servicing multiple clients as a fake boyfriend. As they navigate their current circumstances, both Eva and Max find that sometimes what you’re looking for is right in front of you.


Crema  (graphic novel on sale July 21)

Written by Johnnie Christmas

Art by Dante Luiz


Esme, a barista, feels invisible, like a ghost…. Also, when Esme drinks too much coffee she actually sees ghosts. Yara, the elegant heir to a coffee plantation, is always seen, but only has eyes for Esme.

Their world is turned upside down when the strange ghost of an old-world nobleman begs Esme to take his letter from NYC to a haunted coffee farm in Brazil, to reunite him with his lost love of a century ago. Bringing sinister tidings of unrequited love.