ComiXology Originals Edgeworld #1 Review

A comic book with a western driven storyline based on another planet with different alien races….ok you got my attention. Comixology Originals is presenting a new comic book called Edgeworld which is created by writer Chuck Austen and artist Patrick Olliffe. This story sounds very different in traditional comics but the first issue makes you feel like you are watching an old school western movie. You have characters in western movies here in this comic  that upholds the law, someone is killed, making love to a woman but also includes something in the sand eating people.

When the story first starts out, a man visits this older woman to discuss a person name Sashessa Cheela and their story. With their hands together, various images come out of featuring Killian. Then images settle on Killian and his team going to a bar to get food, drinks and a bit of love. Killian is also a person that upholds the law while being a former military personnel. After having some good love making, a tank barges in to the bar and kills a person by accident. Killian upholds the law as one of the civilians kills the tank driver. Then you watch as you learn more about Killian and his partner and what they do on that planet.

A different kind of comic that embeds a western touch in a sci fi landscape will bring the curiosity out. The first issue is fantastic with art that not only feels futuristic but gives it a Clint Eastwood touch. I enjoyed reading this first issue and can’t wait to see what happens next with Killian after that cliff hanger ending.

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