Come play Sky Racket and grab some swags on PAX East!

Selected as one of the most relevant game startups in Brazil, Double Dash Studios makes an appearance on PAX East 2020 with the game Sky Racket.

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Feb. 27th, 2020 – Double Dash Studios is present on PAX East 2020 with their game Sky Racket, nominated for the GCA Indie Development Awards and as part of the list of best indie games on Indie Megabooth. Visit us inside the Megabooth area right in the center of the event, grab some swag and play the game’s full release, exposed for the first time on PAX East.

Right now the team is working on the console launch, and will be releasing news shortly on the first trimester of 2020.

Sky Racket is the world’s first Shmup Breaker, mixing the classic genres of shoot ’em ups and block breakers! Blast bullets back at baddies while flying over whimsical worlds filled with vivid, kooky colors! The game can be bought for PC (Windows, Linux, Mac), available on Steam, Humble Store,, Game Jolt, Discord.

p.s If you are interested in being part of our exclusive list of news about the console release, please let us know!

About Double Dash Studios

Double Dash Studios is a game studio from Rio de Janeiro, our goal is to create pop culture products, “making fun and innovative games through the reinvention of classic mechanics”. We work with our original IP’s as well as game related work for hire. We have plenty of experience working for known IPs (such as Cartoon Network shows and Garfield) as well as our own original games, such as Sky Racket, our first commercial release.

For more information about Sky Racket, access or follow us TwitterFacebookInstragam and join us on Discord.

Link for the Steam page: