Combo Panda Ryan’s World Product Review

For children these days, the hot topic today is Ryan’s World. Ryan is a Youtube sensation that creates so much fun and enjoyable videos for children of all ages on Youtube. Ryan’s World has now expanded to his own show on Nickelodeon and an impressive line of toys for children. We were able to get one of these sweet toys and showcase some of its cool attributes.

Combo Panda is a very popular character from Ryan’s World. He is one of the dozen or more characters that are part of the Ryan’s World saga. This product is very life like and you feel you do have your own combo panda. The product was easy to remove from the box, even when your son is screaming at you to do it fast so he can play with it.

When you press the hand, he says some fun quotes from the show. He does say “Its Showtime” and other quotes. After a few pushes, he does walk a bit on the floor and hands move in a ninja motion. His ears do light up with each press and you can see combo panda come full force.


You can get your own Combo Panda from Amazon HERE