Collect ALL the Pets in The Waylanders New Update. Sneak Peek at Advanced Ranger Classes

July’s The Waylanders update adds quests to unlock all types of pets for the Ranger class to Gato Salvaje Studio’s upcoming RPG as well as camera, tutorial, and balancing improvements
A Coruña, Spain — July 22, 2021 — July is a great month for animal fans in The Waylanders. In their latest early access update, Gato Salvaje Studio has added new quests for rangers to acquire pets previously only available to race-specific classes. Now, players can add the boar, panther, wolf, and spider to their roster of fuzzy companions and also be introduced to a special quest leading to the most dangerous animal of all, THE RABBIT.


In addition to pet quests, the July update adds five new mini-quests (with plans for more) given by NPCs, unlocking lore and granting other rewards for completion. Improved camera behavior helps prevent the camera getting stuck or the player’s view point blocked by map obstacles. The team has continued to improve the tutorial by adding tooltips throughout the first mission of the game and additions to inventory, skill, and character windows. Enemy distribution has been changed to better reflect difficulty levels added in June’s update. The update also adds minor fixes throughout the game.

The July update rolls out to Early Access players on both Steam and Games in Development players on GOG today.  A full list of changes is available on The Waylanders Steam Community forum.

Advanced Class Sneak Peek – Ranger Classes
As players progress deeper into The Waylanders, Advanced Classes will become available depending on the player’s class. While Advanced Classes aren’t playable in Early Access, here’s a quick sneak peek at a few of the upgrade paths Rangers will get at launch:
A reckless ranger who favors heavy point blank projectiles. The Hunter class combines aspects of the Ranger class with fighter (Warrior and Guardian) abilities, allowing for close quarters combat.
Draconic Master
A magical ranger whose connection to the draconic beasts allows the ranger to tame or become one with them. This class gives rangers abilities inspired by the sages (Sorcerers and Healers) and unlocks dragon pets.
A tactical ranger who creates traps and other mischievous entanglements that hinder enemies, giving time to set the perfect shot. The Saboteur takes Rogue tricks and mixes them together with powerful ranged attacks.
After Ranger players choose their advanced classes, they’ll gain access to a variety of new animal companions including two dragon types, a dog, a bear, a raven, and a magpie. In the second act of the game a quest will unlock access to the deer companion.

The Waylanders Summer Update roadmap shows what fans can expect to see added to Early Access over the course of the summer, as well as the game’s new targeted release in Fall 2021.

Move over February, AUGUST is the new month of ROMANCE. Next month’s update brings much-asked for romances to The Waylanders as the team works towards a full release this fall. Stay tuned!
See the full The Waylanders roadmap here