Cold Wind by Monta is Out Now!

Cold Wind by Monta is out now! A bit of nostalgia hits my ears as I close my eyes and listen to the music. Monta has created a scene for my mind which includes resting, nature and hot coca. I’m enjoying the scene it has created for my mind as well as the music accompanied by the lyrics. The band did a great job organizing the music score for the song which gives it more astonishment towards the lyrics.

watch here:


Cold Wind” was written on a sunday morning 
at the hollywood hotel in LA a couple of years ago.
Feels like a different life at the moment.
Produced later on in Berlin with the help of 
simon frontzek, herwig zamernik, max perner and jonas holle.
The song has exactly the warm group effort feeling.
I hope it’ll help you endure this winter with the right amount of nostalgia.