CodyB_TV Spotlight’s ESL Pro League CS: GO Dallas

The world is watching what is going on with ESL Pro League, while CodyB_tv is talking to the latest stars in gaming and introducing esports to the masses. Cody is the host of his show on Twitch called CodyB_tv where he showcases the newest games online and plays multiplayer games against other teams. Cody is the forefront for DTS Gaming Realm.


Cody is a PC gamer where he play’s CS:GO, PUBG, and many Blizzard games. DTS Gaming Realm and CodyB_tv will be doing their own competitions at Gino’s Deli during their new gaming nights.

CodyB_tv was able to interview some of the members of NA’VI at ESL Dallas and discuss their individual performance during the competition. They went into detail of one of the member’s past injury and focus on improvements in game play. The team was able to take a quick picture with CodyB_tv.


CodyB_tv was able to secure an interview with G2’s own Shox right after their big win at ESL Dallas. They discussed the pressure of being called a super team in esports. Cody asked about which team they would like to play in the finals and North was mentioned a few times. The rivalry is growing with each discussion for the finals of ESL Pro League here in Dallas, TX.


Right after their win, CodyB_tv was able to met and interview Konfig from the North for DTS Gaming Realm. Cody and Konfig talked about the latest match his team just had. Konfig even expressed what he thought about the team he will be playing for the Grand Finals for ESL Pro League.

CodyB_tv brought a new essence for esports for DTS Gaming Realm and has helped introduced esports to the fans of Drop The Spotlight and a new market where gamer’s can find better and new competition out in the gaming world. Check out CodyB_tv on TWITCH for quality entertainment and laughs with Cody.