Code Atma Delayed by Week

With overwhelming response to fans signing up to the game, devs have stopped the launch today. The servers will have to be adjusted to be able to handle this many fans!

Here is an official statement from Agate’s Chief Marketing Officer, Igor Tanzil:

Dear Seekers,
The Agate team and I would like to issue an official statement of apology for the server-side issues many of you are experiencing. In short, we were simply not ready for the influx of new users that game at our global launch and our immediate efforts to deploy new server locations had not been successful. Our troubleshooting has indicated that the issues might be a lot more serious than expected and will likely affect all users in the North American and European servers.
We have made the difficult decision to hold Code Atma’s launch in those regions until we are able to ensure the smooth gameplay experience you deserve. Effective immediately, all new launch servers across North America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa will be closed. South-East Asian servers will remain open for the time being unless new issues arise.
There are simply no excuses to be made on our end and we hope to rectify our server deficiencies in the coming days and deliver to you the amazing game we know we have at hand.
Regretfully yours,
Igor Tanzil, CMO, Agate