CLX Arms DreamHack Dallas with More Than 250 Custom Integrated Gaming Computers

Massive CLX-powered Lan and live-stream party at Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center from May 31st to June 2nd

Wichita, Kan (May 30, 2019) – CLX, award-winning PC integrator, arms DreamHack Dallas with more than 250 custom integrated gaming computers, including 36 flagship CLX Ra full-sized systems for nonstop streaming at the Stream Studio.  Powered by AMD RYZEN 7 CPUs and NVIDIA RTX 2080Ti GPUs, the CLX Ra filled Stream Studio will host 80 of the biggest streamers in the industry as well as a boot camp hosted by Harris Heller.

From May 31st to June 2nd, all DreamHack Dallas attendees can also experience the epitome of gaming performance and power through 110 CLX SET and 110 CLX HORUS battle stations at the PC FREEPLAY Zone. Designed to deliver an unmatched immersive gaming experience, CLX’s mid-size SET and HORUS desktops will be powered by AMD RYZEN 5 processors and Radeon RX Video Cards.

“DreamHack is not only a gathering of gamers and fans, but a celebration of creativity, dedication, and community,” says Jorge Percival, Director of Marketing & Product Development. “Every gamer is unique, and every attendee is different; but we embrace each other and are united by our passion for games and esports.”

“We are excited to have CLX’s gaming stations at DreamHack once again, and we can’t wait to see the reactions of our attendees once they experience them in person,” says Marcus Lindmark, co-CEO of DreamHack. “CLX is an important partner and has been with us since 2017, providing top-tier computers as we continue to expand leaving an even bigger mark at the North American market.”

In addition to powering the PC FREEPLAY Zone and Stream Studio, CLX will also be organizing tournaments with prizes in its PC FREEPLAY Zone and surprising attendees with a daily scavenger hunt with prizes worth more than $3000.

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About CLX

CLX is a custom PC integrator catering to gamers and content creators. CLX was formed in January 2016 and is an extension of Cybertron International, one of the largest system integrators in the US since 1997. CLX believes in quality, attention to detail, and giving gamers the ability to choose exactly what they desire. Recognized for its award-winning custom designs and paint work, CLX offers a range of carefully curated systems or a completely customized experience by allowing gamers the ability to configure their own.  CLX systems can be found on, Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, and other retail partners.

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