Classic Game Fest Takes Austin Back In Time Through Retro Gaming

Today, I didn’t have to rub a lamp for a genie to grant me a wish. I didn’t have to sit down on a chair and pull a lever such from an H.G. Wells book. I also didn’t have to put the pedal to the metal to achieve 88 miles per hour. Today my team and I journeyed to Austin for the 11th anniversary of the largest Retro Gaming Convention in Texas.

From L to R, DTS Member Bernard, Founder Vic, and partner Dblock

We went inside and was astonished on the cool retro gaming items out there. We found tons of vendors with classic gaming gear. I was able to pick up a Game Gear game, Xbox games, Playstation 2 games and of course a Nintendo 64 game. The deals were amazing at the event and talking to vendors, they were excited to be in Austin.

EON GCHD Adapter For Game Cube

One vendor we saw that made me take a double take was from EON and they had an amazing product many retro gamers and Esports gamers are looking into. They have an adapter for Nintendo Game Cubes to be played perfectly on HD TV’s. Right now many people are using the old school TV’s but with this new product, they are helping the gamer’s use their current Gen TV for their Game Cube. The adapter is called GCHD and you can get it HERE.

DJ R.O.C.K.M.A.N. hitting the stage at Classic Game Fest

Music is the forefront of Classic Game Fest and this year was no exception! DJ R.O.C.K.M.A.N. kept the audience going with his DJ set and with veterans such as Creative Mind Frame, Bitforce, and Mega Ran, the audience was having some good fun.  The musical joy from hearing Descendants of Erdick, David Ramos and few other musicians was great to hear. Music and gaming do great together and it was fun to seeing everyone having a great time.

This is our third time going to Classic Game Fest in a row and it was just fulfilling as a gamer. This is one of the only conventions we have gone to that is very consistent. Their staff are good people and top notch when helping out the customers and vendors with anything that is needed. Owner David Kaelin was very responsive not only to the needs of the attendees but also everyone in general. This convention is what needed for every gamer, even if not a retro gamer and only likes current gen, should come out to and see the positive aurora generated at this convention. Classic Game Fest is a main stray that families can come enjoy retro gaming and create memories.