Claire de Lune Showcases Three Epic New Trailers

Explore the first footage from Tactic Studios’ long awaited first-person puzzle adventure

London, Canada – May 11, 2021 – Announced in 2015, narrative FPS puzzler Claire de Lune has received not one, but three new trailers! With gameplay totalling more than 20 minutes, players get a glimpse at what Claire de Lune has to offer on its very own proprietary engine.Trailer one sees the lead protagonist, John, crash landing on a mysterious planet armed with a powerful Nanogun, where he begins his search for his daughter, Claire and the equipment necessary to repair their craft.

In the second trailer, we pick up moments before landing on the planet, as John tells his daughter to enter an escape pod. From there, players get to see more gameplay of the nanogun at work as it helps to navigate enemies and solve puzzles.

Lastly, the third trailer begins before Claire enters the escape pod. We then cut to Claire being evacuated from the ship, before seeing some unique Nanogun action, to overcome an encounter with a unique alien creature. You can watch the gameplay trailer below.

Claire de Lune is set to launch in the Spring of 2021. Fans can wishlist it here!

Far-flung Future Features:

  • Utilize the nanogun’s unique abilities to solve 3D puzzle-platforming sequences.
  • Solve challenging adventure-style puzzles that simulate hacking, coding, and other technical endeavors.
  • Play through action vignettes including stealth and first-person shooter sequences.
  • Experience a humorous and touching storyline revolving around issues of failure, trust, and humanity.
  • Dialog options let you choose how you interact with Claire and your AI sidekick.
  • Uncover the mysteries of the large abandoned research facility.
  • Beautiful, custom game engine offering finely detailed exterior and interior environments.