Circle The Wolves Unwanted Song Review

I know many people can be critical of bands and musicians who cover another musician or bands song. You want to hear something that will jolt your ears with excitement. Circle The Wolves have taken the song Unwanted, an Avril Lavigne cover, to another level with their rendition of the song. I can’t even call it a cover as the band gave it a whole new view for listeners.

I’m enjoying the song as it flows so well and brings a metal side that Avril Lavigne would dream about. I felt the band did really well complementing the original song but added their own flavor. The singer sang the song so well and gave it her all! I’m so impressed with her as a singer. You wouldn’t even think this is even a cover of the original song. I felt the singer gave the song a dimension that would gift listeners a dose of royalty. The music video is pretty damn cool as well! Be sure to check it out below!

listen here: