Christmas in July Gift Guide Sign Ups!

Do you have a new product coming out soon? Do you have a product you want more people to know more about? Do you just want your product to be showcased to create more sales and leads?

Well you have came to the right place! Drop The Spotlight will be having their Christmas in July Gift Guide coming out on July 8th 2019.

We will give your new product the SPOTLIGHT, and yes pun intended.

Your product will be featured on our gift guide with a brief description of your product including ways to purchase it.  This gift guide will stay on the website, so there will be continued future leads. We will be looking for businesses for the Gift Guide until May 31st. That will be the last day and form will be turned off. This is U.S. only at this moment.

Products we are wanting to include in the Christmas in July Gift Guide include: Technology, Travel, Housewares, Gaming, Toys, and Apparel.

What we will offer you:

  • Include product on Christmas in July Gift Guide
  • Post will be shared on Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • Each product sent will be a professional photo taken from our photographer
  • Our social media reach total of 20k and 16k email list will have this post available for them to see

What we will need from you:

  • Fill out the information on the Google Form below
  • Send us one product to photograph and include in Christmas in July Gift Guide *product will be kept and not resold*
  • We will need a one time Paypal payment fee of $30

If your interested, please enter your information in the Google forms link and can’t wait to hear from you!

Link is closed!