Christian French – Time of our Lives Song Review

The door to success is usually locked with a keyhole itching to be unlocked. You stare at the key hole and wonder what will it take to get the key to unlock the door. You have despair, you start to feel sorry for your self while staring at this door. You notice that there is a door bell next to the door. You push the button and then a song starts to play, which this song urges you to explore the world that is behind you. With this song playing in the background, you start to smile, you start to look the world you may have neglected. You are literally having the time of your life while you smile and enjoy your world. A sharp shine blinds your eye, then you look down and there is the key to the door.

You take the key and unlock the door that was previously locked. You look back and know you just had the time of your life there and now you will have even more fun by stepping into the door and exploring the unknown.

Yes, that was a story I had in my mind, after listening to this song by Christian French. His single: Time of Our Lives talks about exploring the world and seeing what it has to offer. The song talks about chasing your dreams as well and not giving up.

I enjoyed the beat and music the song had to offer. Lyrics are of course very good and the song is very catchy!



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