Chrissy Review’s Dead End Job!



It’s just another day in the office for Hector, plasma gun in hand and vacuum on his back he’s ready to bust some ghost and save his city! Dead end job is a procedurally generated, fast passed addictive couch co-op, twin-stick shooter with a 90s cartoon feel think Rocko’s modern life or Ren and Stimpy (I really enjoyed the animation and art style of this game). developed by Ant Workshop Ltd and published by Headup Featuring original music by the award-winning Will Morton. You play as Hector the fat and sweaty employee of Ghoul-B-Gone; you go through your city exorcising the ghosts and ghouls that are raising havoc. Using your plasma gun and trusty vacuum you can shoot items around the area to reveal hidden secrets and stun ghosts. Using your vacuum, you want to quickly suck up the ghost before they escape, you can also use your vacuum to suck forward any items or money that you just can’t reach. Destroying objects and catching a ghost can unlock over 100 items. Items such as food like pizza, donuts, and cake will give you lives. There are some foods that can be used as weapons like BEANS, eating beans will make hector fart and ghosts hate farts, When you can’t use your farts you can use the different weapons that can be found throughout the maps from spread shot bullets to bombs you are covered. By collecting all the money, you can, can unlock different areas of the map. The combat is fun every ghost vary in attack form, you have ghosts that will charge at you, ghosts that will throw or shoot things at you, even ones that will set traps for you. Needless to say, it will keep you on your toes till you figure out the rhythm of the game. Overall I enjoyed my time playing Dead End Job it was pretty addicting I would definitely recommend this game to kids or teens. You can purchase this game on a variety of platforms like Apple, Windows, Xbox, ps4, and switch. Get yourself a copy and start your Dead-End Job today