ChocoHunters Now Available on iOS and Android

ChocoHunters, a defensive shoot’em up action adventure set in an age of pirates, is now available on iOS and Android mobile devices for $2.99/£2.99/€3.49.
ChocoHunters - Final Trailer
In ChocoHunters you will have to choose a hero out of 3 selectable characters, and maneuver on a river as you collect chocolate and gold.
Playing as either Lilly, Abu, and Flint will reveal their motivations and desires. Each character features a unique story, encouraging you to play through the game several times.
Use various kinds of weapons and gadgets to help you on your quest as you survive many dangerous traps and enemies.
Try to protect yourself from incoming projectiles. If your timing is right you can repel most types of projectiles and throw them back to your enemy.
Unlike most shoot -em-ups, ChocoHunters differentiates itself by introducing a number of unique puzzle sections, in addition to all of the combat sections.
As if that wasn’t enough to contend with, there are boss fights against heavily fortified towers, a massive octopus, and even a dragon.