Chill With Low Float’s Latest Single Here Before

I’ve been listening to Low Float’s latest single called Here Before on repeat and I just dig the song. I dig the way its sung, I dig the beat flow, and I dig the emotion put into the song. You feel like literally you were Here Before with Low Float, just experiencing life. You take another sip from your cup as the world turns right in front of you. Listen below and take that trip with Low Float.

Listen here:

Press Release:

The whole record was written and produced in the attic of a little upper floor apartment in Stratford, Ontario by yours truly.
When I finished recording “Here Before,” it didn’t sound super complete, so I had JEEN sing backups on it. The lyric, we were here before, was her idea, and I’m pretty sure that in the grand scheme of things, she’s right.
In the back of my mind as I wrote this song, I was still trying to make sense of some things. I still am, yet I think I’ve grown a lot in the time since writing it.