Ches Anthony new album Just A Man Review

Ches Anthony new album Just A Man is out now! I was able to sit down for a week and just listen to this album. I had to snap myself out in order to do this review. The album is pure gold from beginning to end! The music in this album was done so great by Ches Anthony that each song flowed very well from one song to the next. I couldn’t stop listening to them as I just smiled and nodded while jamming to each song.

I’m enjoying the songs Black Sheep, In My Next Life, Run Wild, You Everytime and of course Dad Bod. Ches Anthony voice throughout each song connects you to his lyrics to a view of his reality. I felt like I was at the bar with friends listening to music that spoke to each one of us that gave us hope and security. I will continue to listen to his album to be taken to that reality of enjoying my days with a cold brew and a classic cigar.

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