Check Out VR Laser Storm Arena

Laser Storm Arena is a shared-space co-op VR shooter where up to 4 players work together against a variety of challenges, like hordes of space drones, space parasites that grab unsuspecting players’ faces, cosmic energy swords, and even gigantic asteroid collisions.

It all happens in a striking, dream-like synthwave inspired setting.

The game stands out for running wirelessly on the Oculus Quest, allowing for complete freedom of movement.

Another feature that sets Laser Storm apart is the focus on player cooperation and interaction. Players can heal each other, save unfortunate players from space parasites, coordinate to protect the team relocating energy shields available in the arena and in general cooperate for the good of the team. At the end of each game, the team score is added to the leaderboards, showing how the group fared against other teams.


September, 2020


Oculus Quest / Arcades


Laser Storm Arena was developed primarily with arcades and LBE in mind, but a home version is being considered.

About Venturion


Venturion was founded in 2017 inside the venture builder Tapps Ventures. Born as Tapps VR, the studio was re-branded as Venturion in 2019.

Since its birth, Venturion has released a variety of games for all main VR platforms, including a hyper-reality LBE adventure combining VR, physical objects and special effects called Venturion Experience, in 2018. Laser Storm is the first multiplayer experience released by the studio.

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