Check Out Horsefoot Volume 2 By Lowlight

The singer of Lowlight brings a haunting rendition to the single Horsefoot Volume 2. You are memorized by the voice which allows your arms to be bound to the hip. The headset is snugged on the ears as you struggle to listen more to the song. The art filled tones of the music unlocks the door with the voice of the singer. You stop the struggle with a few breaths plastering a smile on your face.

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Press Release:

Before joining the group in 2015, bass player Rey Rivera was a hip hop producer and DJ under the name Ari Why. When COVID-19 hit, Rivera brought out his MPC2000XL to start working and experimenting remotely with files from Endless Bummer. The result in this instance is a dark and intense take on “Horsefoot”, with its chorus “I need room to move” becoming all the more significant and claustrophobic amidst a global health emergency.

Horsefoot Volume 2″ is significant in the band’s personal timeline because it’s the first endeavor utilizing The Church to track live overdubs to Rivera’s remix. Along with a few other cell phone and other improvised remote contributions, “Horsefoot Volume 2” comes as an ominous sequel to the original Endless Bummer track. It also marks a sign of things to come for¬†Lowlight’s sound and process as they navigate a new landscape for independent music and music making.

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