Charming 2D Platformer Where’s Samantha Available Now on Nintendo Switch

Crochet your way through this whimsical comedically narrated adventure

Los Angeles, CA – August 19th, 2021- ROKiT Games and Respect Studios have released their charming 2D puzzle platformer Where’s Samantha on Nintendo Switch today! Previously released on Steam in March, this puzzle platformer takes players on a storybook adventure set in a gorgeous hand-drawn world.

In Where’s Samantha? you’ll play as George, a tiny swatch of fabric who’s on a quest to rescue his lost love Samantha, who was swept away by a terrible gust of wind (wind and fabric just can’t get along these days). During George’s quest, players can collect letters scattered throughout each level to complete the story, which is hilariously narrated by award-winning actor Rufus Hound.

Players can follow the thread through 45 levels in a hand-drawn textile world where everyday items stand in the way of George and his lost love. Complete increasingly complex puzzles by splitting George into multiple pieces of fabric or into one heavier fabric. Each level offers a different challenge that will put your fabric weaving skills to the test.

A list of features include:

  • An endearing and delightfully comedic storybook style tale of two swatches of fabric looking to reunite.
  • A vibrant textile 2D world of hand-drawn artwork full of whimsy.
  • Venture through 45 levels of physics-based puzzles of varying complexity.
  • Narrated by award-winning actor, presenter, and comedian Rufus Hound.
  • Bookmark your story as you go with Cloud Saves.
  • Full keyboard, mouse, and controller support to guide George in the way you choose.

Where’s Samantha? is available now on the Nintendo eShop for players in NA, EU, Korea, and Japan. NA and EU players can also enjoy a 40% launch discount from now through September 2. An update to the Steam version is out now which includes new music tracks and Steam achievements. For more information on Where’s Samantha? visit the official site here