CES 2021 Innovation Award Recipient: Xandar Kardian radar sensor “sees” you without camera

CES Announcement: New sensors “see” you without cameras by monitoring vital signs with radar technology from Xandar Kardian

  • Why you should care: The most commonly used motion sensors are inexpensive and simple to install. Unfortunately, it becomes clueless if any large motion is not generated by the occupant. If someone is sitting down typing on the laptop at work or watching TV on a sofa or sleeping on a bed in a hotel – motion sensors (PIR) will simply not know if the occupant(s) is still in the area or not. The PIR sensor hasn’t seen too much innovation in 30 years so this forthcoming radar tech is brand new and is the result of 8 years of R&D.

  • How it can help consumers: As an example, if you’ve fallen asleep on the couch, this sensor can discern that and speak to your smart TV to turn it off, as well as your smart lights to dim them and tell your Nest to Keep the temp at optimal sleeping temperatures.

  • Applications: Beyond making the home smarter, it can be tremendously beneficial in nursing homes to monitor occupant health, counting people for short terms rentals, keeping drivers safe by alerting for signs of fatigue and many other applications.