Century: Age of Ashes Lands on Xbox Series X|S

BORDEAUX, FRANCE—March 10, 2021—Playwing, in partnership with Microsoft, are thrilled to share that Century: Age of Ashes is soaring out today on Xbox Series X|S. Xbox players can now download the multiplayer dragon combat game entirely for free, and take to the skies in battles against other players and dragon riders playing across other platforms.

Dragon fans on Xbox Series X|S can now join the 1 million players already soaring the skies on PC with online cross-play built in from day one. Joining a long history of beloved dragon-riding games on past console platforms, Century: Age of Ashes was developed with consoles in mind from the onset, with controller-centric movement, and cross-progression with PC.

“It’s a great joy for us to see Century: Age of Ashes spread its wings for the very first time on next generation consoles. Players will roar with excitement as they experience the rush of dragon riding with the full power of Xbox Series X|S, and battle it out against existing players all around the world.” 
– Laurent Denis, Head of Product Marketing
On March 14, Xbox GamePass Ultimate subscribers will be able to download the Hjørrani Savannah Bundle for free in their Perk list. This bundle includes 500 Gems, a 14-Day XP Booster, and the Epic Hjørrani Savannah Dragon shown above.
Playwing will roll out additional content in the coming months for Xbox X|S and Steam, with the official first Season of Century: Age of Ashes content on the horizon. Plans for a fourth rider and dragon class, calendar events, and an innovative new game mode, among extra cosmetics and updates are the core focus of the Playwing team in early 2022.

Century: Age of Ashes 
is also coming to additional platforms, with launch on Xbox One X|S still to come this year with full cross-play and cross-progression functionality.

About Century: Age of Ashes: 
Currently being developed by a team in Bordeaux, France, Century: Age of Ashes lets players take flight into this unique multiplayer arena shooter as the next legendary dragon rider.
Century: Age of Ashes is a free-to-play game of multiplayer aerial arena battles where players select one of three classes with distinct abilities, each with their own unique dragon. Compete as a team and rain fire down on your foes!
For more information about Century: Age of Ashes, visit www.century-age-of-ashes.com.

About Playwing:
Playwing is an independent game developer and publisher founded in 2017. Based in Bordeaux, France, the team behind Century: Age of Ashes is led by veteran game developers with more than 20 years of experience in the gaming industry, having worked on titles such as Nightmare Creatures, Life is Strange, Vampyr, RuneScape and others.