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Xbox Series S Product Review

I had the original Xbone or Xbox One for over 5 years! I have lost count of how many years actually on my trusty console to play WWE Games, Fifa games, Call of Duty games and of course watch HBO Max movies. I was able to fight through the crowded online bots to finally get […]

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CES 2021 showcased the best products in the world through various innovations streamlined to the masses. Many new inventions are brought into view as they utilized some of the newest technologies offered today. One of the companies out there changing the world is called Fledging. They showcased a few products during CES 2021 that has […]

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Toshiba 43 inch LED Full HD Fire TV Edition Review

The window shopping technique for a new TV is difficult nowadays due to not being able to be safe in a store. This then required proper research on various sites to find a TV that not only matches you but matches what you would see in a store. So I got on my laptop and […]

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VOID RGB Elite – Corsair

Picking out a headset if my opinion is very important. Especially if your someone like me who sits in front of a computer in their free times playing games, editing, or just listening to music. After 2 years I finally felt that it was time for an upgrade and I decided to go with Corsair’s VOID.   The […]

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G-Fuel Nemesis Tea Review

We have been enjoying G-Fuel so much that we decided to give another flavor a try and this time we tried their Nemesis Tea. Searching for the right flavor is definitely important for us but sometimes you just have to jump and in try something new and we have to say that this Tea flavor […]

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2021 Toyota Camry Review

With the year nearly done, next year’s vehicles models are coming out for people looking into getting a new vehicle. Many people are scoping through reviews to find a vehicle that will best fit with them, their persona and of course their lifestyle. What many people don’t realize is that need for taking trips? You […]

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A web cam should be able to capture your essence and your vibe every time you go on camera. The world is watching so why not go in with style! Today, I was able to get a new webcam on Amazon from the company called GESMA. This webcam has a built in microphone, full HD, […]

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WD Blue 500 GB SATA SSD Product Review

As person that uses his PC daily either for gaming or business, you need to have speed at your finger tips. The speed of your hard drive gives your PC access to games, applications and the occasional funny Mandalorian meme. I wanted to find a drive that will not only take my business and gaming […]