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Breaking Hearts With Bisous From The Fall of Roses

A song that holds your hand and makes you close your eyes when the beat starts to exclaim the story of love. The definition of heart break whispers the name of Biscous. The Belfast singer belts his voice to the ominous beat of his song. The fog of dispear enters the heart of every soul […]

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Get Your Munches and Roll One Up With Kris J

Sitting down with your friends and thinking who is going to start? You look around the room and see is down and who isn’t. Panning around the room some more and then you just hit the beat and then roll one up!

Home Music

Pull Yourself Up With K Idle Bringing Hope to Everyone

You read the newspaper headlines and many times they are very depressing. They tell stories of terror, tell stories of horrible arrangements and tell stories that are not uplifting. K Idle speaks from the other side of the tracks and the words of hope spring into Action.