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Best Wings I’ve Ever Eaten *recipe inside*

You maybe thinking well this guy is nuts when he says he had the best wings ever. I am nuts because this wasn’t bought at your traditional wing restaurants but one made home and I have the recipe to prove it to you to try and be in heaven as well.

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Get Paid On Sound Cloud from Beat Stars

I have been member from for a while and its pretty neat. I like how artists can interact with beat makers and even interact with each other to do collaborations. Beat Stars has improved there website and included new things for them to be competitive with other websites and help you out as musicians […]

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Free Woman Matter Magnet

I love that appreciation for women and families are finally growing in numbers. I do not like how people try and categorize many things and categorizing people is wrong. Women matter and so does equality and here this lovely company is giving away magnets so you can show your support