Carry On My Wayward Sons: We Became Family With Sam and Dean On Supernatural

On a dark evening at a college campus dorm room, a young man saw a commercial for this new show on the WB. The new show had some scary elements with two lead characters from a show he used to watch previously on the WB channel. The new show began and this young man at his college dorm was hooked after the viewing of the first episode. This first episode made him go to his closet and close the door and leave the restroom light on as he could see some dancing shadows in the distance.

Dad is on a hunting trip and hasn’t been home in a few days…

Those words echoed in my mind whenever I would imagine Dean in that fateful moment many years later.  I would watch each and every episode on WB, CW and of course now on TNT and Netflix. The years piled on as I would wait anxiously to see each new episode and see the journey of the two brothers, Sam and Dean. I watch as they slayed through every obstacle that came to them, but with each success, it came at a price. They watched their father give his life for Dean, Sam saw his Gf burn on the ceiling, and the brothers were nearly at odds with each other on each turn. There are so many twist and turns in the story of Sam and Dean, you are just astonished on they could carry on. The story is so deep in the Supernatural story using the lore including local legends, stories, rumors and more to add that depth.

The Characters

We are introduced to a host of creative characters to the show that have included one of my favorite supporting member of the team Castiel. I enjoyed learning more about Garth, Charlie, their dad John, Bobby Singer, their brother Adam, The God Chuck, Rowena and who couldn’t forget about Crowley. The characters included in the show were so many as they touched on early every lore out there.  They met so many interesting people that they invest themselves into those characters willingly and not willingly. They maybe at odds with Lucifer but they are there for Crowley and then in turn they are against Crowley. Sam and Dean’s decisions throughout the show make the outcome into a view that we haven’t seen much in story telling. The bad guys do win! There aren’t many happy ever after like other shows. Sam and Dean do have to go into those situations not feeling like they lost but with the question: How do we stop this? They do that quite often, but this gives additional themes into the storyline.

So What Now?

One year turned to 5, then 10, and now we are at a turning point of the 15th season. I feel we have watched the boys grow to men in every regard. They still have their elements of development such as Sam becoming a leader for others and Dean having to control somewhat his feelings and think more clearly on situations. We have seen how that show has influenced countless of other shows to try and mimic the brother duo. Jared and Jenson are two actors that amplified the characters they portrayed into a vision that many can’t separate. I will continue to rewatch the show on Netflix or TNT, collect the DVD’s and Blu Rays whenever I can, and enjoy the fandom the show has created.

We end it this article like the beginning of every season ending arc…

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