CARNAGE ALPHA: Release The Single “Breath the Darkness”

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Swedish metal combo CARNAGE ALPHA are proud to unleash the single “Breath the Darkness”, taken from their album “From There to Oblivion” out via Wormholedeath.

Band Comment:

“Breath the darkness is one of the darkest song from the debut album “From there to Oblivion”; the track features a brand new mix and the drums are played and recorded by our new member Anders”.

“Breath the Darkness” is available on all digital platforms HERE


Carnage Alpha’s Album “From There to Oblivion” is available HERE

Carnage Alpha is a metal act from Sweden and behind it stands two guys from the bands “Reek” “Fimbultyr” “Cynical Existence” amongst other bands. The duo plays and writes everything themselves and shares vocals and lyric duties. The music is a mix of melodic death metal with hints of other genres as well. 3 words can be used to describe the band. Melodic,Agressive and Atmospheric. If we have to compare with other bands then maybe Dark Tranquillity,In Flames (earlier stuff) but with a bit more synthesizers. The debut will be called “From there to oblivion” and depending on the release format , it will consist of somewhere between 6 and 10 tracks.

Carnage Alpha are Fredrik Croona and Mathias Back. Fredrik writes synthesizers,drums,vocals and lyrics and Mathias plays guitar,bass,vocals and lyrics.


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