Carmanah music video for ‘Bang Bang’ is out now!

Carmanah new music video for the song Bang Bang is out now! With a fine rendition of the Sonny Bono and Cher song, you are taken on another route of music. The route is traveled on dusty road with a person on bike at a crossroads with their headphone’s blaring Bang Bang. Caramanah’s singer guides you on a path not many take with her a voice that echo’s the lyrics of the song. The band complements her voice through a photo finish performance throughout the song. The band showcases Bang Bang as a song of true power, a way to get your voice heard. With the band’s musical balance and the singer’s encouragement through the words, you feel stronger than ever after listening to the song.

Press play and have it all!

watch here:

Press release:

Bang Bang, which features on our brand new album, Iris, released today, is such a powerhouse of a tune. While we give a big nod to Sonny Bono and Cher’s original version, our interpretation of this song was most influenced by Nancy Sinatra’s take on it.  

Our band started playing Bang Banglive a few years ago and since we never grew tired of performing it, we decided to record our rendition.

We hear this as a song of empowerment. With the many spotlights currently shining on ‘gaslighting,’ as well as mental and emotional mistreatment in general, we hope our version of Bang Bang moves you not only to dance but to speak up for yourself and others against hate and the abuse of power. 

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