Captain Ginger Season 2 Ep 4 Comic Book Review

We are back with our cat friends in Dogworld and they are trying to transition with the dogs. The dogs are nervous about the cats there as they never seen them before. The cats are trying to find ways to live with them while figuring out what is next for them. A cliff hanger at the end of the comic that is very shocking that you will need to read to see how it plays out.

I have to say the story in this comic series is getting more exciting as you read more about the cats and dogs are showcased. A shocking revelation from one of the cats of their history with the dogs shakes them all. The story takes a twist when we find where the captain has been and then we see a cliffhanger right then and there.

A must have read for fans of Captain Ginger and excellent writing in a comic book series!

You can get your copy of Captain Ginger Season 2 Ep 4 on July 8th here:


(W) Stuart Moore

(A) June Brigman, Roy Richardson

(C) June Brigman, Roy Richardson


Tragedy strikes the space cats as Sergeant Mittens and Deena search for their missing captain. Stranded on a world of dogs, who can they trust? Plus a selection of extra prose stories and illustrations.


July 8, 2020