In a world where stories can captivate an audience, this comic’s story just does that exact same thing. This comic’s beginning story starts off where an alien civilization comes to Earth to destroy all of mankind. Well those aliens, did it, they were able to achieve that goal. Then the planet was left to the cats and of course a spaceship. This is the story of epic proportions where a group of cats are traveling the cosmos in search for more species of cats.

I was able to get an advanced copy of Captain Ginger Season 2: Dogworld to do a review and here is my review of the comic.

This story starts out with a dog on a com just barking. Just doing what he was always does and that is bark. The com is a signal then given to the cats in the space ship who are hovering over the planet. The cats are quite confused just as I was when I first read the comic.

As I read further into the story of the comic, I was very intrigued. I haven’t read the first season yet but the tid bits of information they provided helped paint the picture of what Season 1 was all about. The story of the comic took me on a joy ride where I couldn’t stop reading page after page.

The ending of the the comic provided more questions than answers and can’t wait for the next issue from Captain Ginger!


Get your self your own copy of Captain Ginger Season 2: Dogworld out on February 5, 2020

Created by legendary comic book artist June Brigman (Power Pack), inker Roy Richardson, colorist Veronica Gandini and acclaimed writer Stuart Moore (Bronze Age Boogie, X-Men: The Dark Phoenix Saga prose novel), CAPTAIN GINGER charts the ongoing mission of Captain Ginger, Sergeant Mittens, Science Cat, Ramscoop, Ecru, and Deena. In CAPTAIN GINGER: DOGWORLD, the crew stumbles upon a mysterious hyperspace signal that sends the ship into a frenzy…. They’re not the only four-legged friends in their universe!