CAPTAIN GINGER Season 2 #2 Comic Review

With the crew scared and jumpy, the attack starts from the alien ship. The Captain is trying to keep the crew at bay but the attacks has everyone clawing at the floor. The cats are scattered across the floor and enduring a fight for their life. The sirens are screaming and the crew are screeching in this next issue for Captain Ginger comic series.

This next issue is a juggernaut for the crew in their star-ship and showcases how they are handling the big attack from the alien crew. The Captain will have to take some risks in the heat of the moment, and you will see the team go through a harsh adventure. I enjoyed this read as you are engulfed by the crew and want them to be safe and sound afterwards. I can’t wait to read the next issue and see where this goes from here!

Find out more when you get your copy starting on March 11 and its only $3.99 at your local comic store!!!

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