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Captain America’s New Movie Civil War Review

As a huge Marvel fan as myself, I made the trek to San Antonio’s favorite movie theater City Base Cinema in order to see the epic movie that has clamored fans for months!

There wasn’t a empty seat in the theater and everyone was sporting either Iron Man gear or Captain America gear. As a neutral fan, I just came in shorts and a Conference USA shirt. You know, got to make sure, I’m cheering for the right superhero in this epic movie.

The lights dim low and after several commercials for new up and coming movies, it was showtime!

The movie started off well, I enjoyed the first hour of the movie as the dialogue kept me so interested in this movie. There were some scenes that made me think, so why is this in here? Why is this needed in the movie? I got really annoyed with Iron Man and how he was showcased in the movie but I tried to block it out of my mind to enjoy the rest of the movie.

I have to admit some characters basically stole the show, I was amazed on some of the acting of those characters and I had really hoped the movie focus more on their rivalry instead of other’s that just didn’t make sense.

The ending was epic to the movie and made up for a drag on fest of a middle part of the movie, but one scene at the end made me cringe. There are things that are done in movies that make sense and there are things that are done in movies that shouldn’t have been done. There is one scene where I cringed and had to fill myself up on the rest of my Diet Coke.

The movie in the end was good, not great like in the past movies, but it was good. This is a good movie for everyone including fans, but I felt it could have been more. The movie could have gave us more action and less story, but all in all, it was good. When you have a chance, go to your movie theater and check it out and even better, go check it out at City Base Cinema, in San Antonio, TX, you won’t be disappointed.


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