Call of Duty World War II Review


This past weekend I had the pleasure of playing Call of Duty World War 2. The game itself was excellent and very enjoyable. It exceptionally fun when I had the ability to actually play… The first time I attempted to play World War 2, I had nothing but trouble logging on to the online servers. This was very frustrating since I did have friends that had also purchased the game and had been talking about pulling an all-nighter just to play together. After some research I discovered that the servers were down and would be for some time and that everybody who had purchased that game was also having the same trouble that I was. I can honestly say though, that that was the most disappointing aspect of the game.

However gameplay wise, Call of Duty World War II is AMAZING!!! I am a big fan of zombie mode and was loving the new maps that they had created for it. They have also added some serious environmental improvements, so much so that it actually feels like you are fighting for your survival against a dangerous zombie horde. Not to mention the zombies are actually creepy. They have done a good job adding some intense jump scares to the game. There were multiple times, I physically jumped out of my seat from zombie popping out of the window or jumping from the roofs. Now to the gameplay, of course there are some minor changes to the series. Instead of perks you get Blitz, which essentially have the exact same effect. They are Blitz for faster reload speed, self-revive, double gun damage, and stamina boost to run for longer periods of time. However a big change to the perks was the fact that you no longer have the option to buy Juggernaut. It has been replaced with body armor that performs a little differently. The body armor is a last line of defense. When your health reaches minimum damage you will suffer a minimal loss of armor. They have also implemented two different Easter eggs for players. The first one is a walkthrough, the game lays out your objectives, and new hints to help new players complete them. However for veterans there is a hardcore Easter egg that is a bit more difficult. It does not provide any hints or tips, so the players is solely responsible for finding the necessary parts and the correct process. All in all, I was very happy with the new zombies and I can’t wait to get back to complete both Easter eggs for the maps they have.

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Now multiplayer is another fun experience. Call of Duty World War II also added some different changes to the multiplayer setting. The biggest change is that you are BOG (Boots on Ground). There is no longer any boost jumping or power sliding, which will take some getting used too. The mobility is no longer the same, so you need to play more strategically and are no longer able to rely on jumping over pumping or sliding around them. Now the specialists, they have been replaced with divisions. You have the infantry division, airborne division, mounting division, etc. They all have different perks and abilities that you can use and earn through your experience. The maps were different and each had its own unique feel. None of the maps felt repetitive in the least. I actually enjoyed running around the map looking for little details and Easter eggs that they might have included, it just looked that immersive and beautiful, even in the middle of a gunfight. Another feature I thoroughly enjoyed was the home base, in between games you were able to run around your base camp. You can speak to the quartermaster for quest/contracts, check your mail for rewards, or go to the theater to watch any highlights that you might have saved. They also added supply drops, that unfortunately I wasn’t working, that would give you cosmetic loot. You could equip them and use them to give your weapon a cosmetic upgrade.


All in all I was very happy with World War II, when it was finally working, was an exciting game to play. The newly added features gave some new depth to both multiplayer and zombies that I was hoping for. I can’t wait to jump back in and get my boots on the ground as well and see what other cool and unique surprises await.